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  1. Hi, I downloaded the Autochartist EAs and IG MT4 add on EA's. They seem to working correctly on my PC however when I try to use them on my laptop they say they have loaded correctly but either nothing is displayed or they are only partly displaying. Does anyone have any ideas? I've checked auto trading and live trading etc and they seem to be set correctly. I have a hunch its a dll issue or something related to displaying the graphics etc. Maybe resolution? When I run the Autochartist EA a box appears with a number at the top left of the window but nothing displays and I can't close the box. Any ideas/help is appreciated. ATB, Ed
  2. Hi everyone. I was wondering if there is functionailty in MT4 or an add on which allows you to place trades visually on a chart, including the ability to draw a stop loss (i.e. risk) and to calculate the position size before the trade is placed. Ideally I'd like to enter the amount I want to risk (either as a fixed amount or percentage of the fund equity) then click on the chart at the open price then drag to or click again where I want the stop placed. It would then ideally automatically calculate the lot size and give me the option of setting a Take Profit level before confirming and placing the trade. Has anyone seen anything like this, if so I'd love to hear from you, E
  3. Yes I'm most certainly on MT4 and did download a Currency strength Indicator but it doesn't seem to work, I just get flat lines for all the major currencies. Any ideas? Also, I have the IG apps in MT4 but can't seem to find the correlation matrix. Any ideas where that is? Many thanks, Ed
  4. That looks very good, I will check it out. Thanks once again.
  5. No I haven’t looked at that but I will. Does that show the relative strength of a currency though? Does anyone know how they calculate the relative strength of currencies?
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to find a good currency strength indicator for MT4. I downloaded the free momentum meter from forexsignals but it only seems to work with BlueBerry Markets. Can anyone suggest a good one to compare the strength of the 8 major currencies against each other? Many thanks, Ed
  7. Thanks all, I tried what you suggested an it sorted the problem out. Many thanks
  8. update.....MT4 did open however it said not responding and I had to force it to close. Any ideas guys and gals? Cheers, Ed
  9. Hi, I've just made a modification to an indicator in MQL4 and then MT4 seemed to crash. I then couldn't restart it. The busy icon was wurring away but then nothing happened. I restarted my computer a few times but still nothing. Then after about 7 mins and whilst I'm typing this it has just popped up. Any ideas what happened there? Is there a lock after a crash? Thanks
  10. Thanks guys. I’ll take a look at the IG sessions.
  11. Hi, thanks for your reply. I’m new to trading altogether and headed for forex after reading recommendations that I read online. Liquidity, volume and the ability to trade 24 hours was appealing, especially seeing as I travel a lot. I’m looking to do this in addition to my full time job but I’m fortunate that I get a lot of time off and opportunity to do other things. I’ve been trying to assimilate all the information I can from online websites and video channels but there seems to be a plethora of info and I’d like some experienced people to point me in the right direction so I don’t end up looking at the wrong material. Effectively sorting the wheat from the chaff. Can you recommend any books to read? Any online sites or video channels. I’ve been doing the tutorials from IG and have found them very useful. I’ve also watched a lot of the videos from forex signals channel on YouTube, again very useful. I’ve be on the case now for a good few months so do have some knowledge and have written my plan and strategies I even got the written down in a fancy PowerPoint presentation. I’m know at the point where I’m tweaking strategies and backtesting but before I proceed I’d like more information. I work in a very risk averse industry and I like plans and risk management is key. I like the idea of using MT4 and EAs to provide me with signals and I actually enjoy the coding side of things. I have a mathematical degree so that kind of geek interests me. Any reading recommendations would be welcomed ATB, Ed
  12. Hi everyone, I’m new to the world of forex trading and over the past few months have been getting my head around some of the jargon and practices within this new but exciting world. I’ve even managed to successfully write some of my own EAs in MT4, which is coming on nicely. Before embarking into the market with real money I’d like to take in as much information as possible to increase my chances of being successful. Can anyone recommend any trading seminars or talks in / around the London area? I don’t mind paying a little bit as long as there is value to be had. Obviously free would be ideal but I’m guessing at the free ones there will be lots of software/broker pushing. Any views or opinions would be gratefully received. Cheers, Ed
  13. Right, that's the same in my program. When you click on Download does it say that there are no new data? If this is the case how are you meant to back test a strategy for any decent period of time? Cheers, Ed
  14. @Caseynotes so when you go to the 5 minute data how far does it go back in time?