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  1. Hi, has anyone else experienced this? I'm missing version 3 and 4 of one of my screeners. On Friday there were 4 today only 2 😔 So, foolish me because it's happened before, should have backed up, but what the hey is wrong with PRT that user data goes missing?
  2. appress

    US ETF

    I tried to buy the UFO etf but there's something about EU or US law which says that without a published KID/KIID document as an EU citizen you cannot buy those instruments. Whether the same applies to spreadbetting those etfs am not sure...
  3. hi @CharlotteIG any chance of adding Diasorin to the list of valid trading instruments? Thanks
  4. Hi Casey, i notice that IG has a presence in Italy, IG Italia. So I don't really understand why I can't see/trade Italian stocks especially when a) you used to be able to trade Italian stocks on IG and b) ìyou can trade French and German, belgian, dutch, irish, swedish instruments. I can even trade Spanish and Portuguese stocks. So why not Italy? Piaggio, Ferrari, Giorgio Armani, Fiat, Generali..hardly small potatoes cheers
  5. Hi, on my account I can't trade Italian instruments, is this normal? The only exception is the FTSE MIB 40 index. As IG has a presence in Italy I find this surprising. What gives?
  6. All of it, everything is true. The only thing I feel as true from here is the smell of manure. Now I stop.
  7. Hi any ideas? My ProScreener system returns a list of companies. Some I know most I don't. apart from looking each one up individually, can anyone suggest a way of getting the company profile for a list of companies? I tried webscraping from a chrome spreadsheet, but no joy so far. thanks
  8. i just wasted 3 minutes oof my life reading this horseshite
  9. Not sure of the fundamental reason behind this impetus, possibly oil storage related..but could this continue? I feel yes
  10. You read me right, just drag your List or your ProScreener results into your spreadsheet.
  11. Hi Casey, yes , it's dead easy. When you see your Screener results or your List in front of you. With your favourite spreadsheet program open on the same screen, just drag and drop the PRT list into the spreadsheet window. Badabeng. I also found that you can change which column headings are displayed in the List, you can see a little spanner in the first column heading, just click on that. Not too bad once you know how.
  12. oh okay, its dead easy, just drag and drop into XL or other in case anyone was wondering
  13. From the PRT manual page I see the following menu item. It allows us to export price data to XLS and other packages. However on PRT provided by IG I only see the below: DDE data export is missing. Can we please get DDE data export so that further analysis can be carried out off system? PRT is okay but it's not a data mining tool. Many thanks.
  14. Hi Casey, thanks for the advice, I need to look into Edgewonk. in the meantime I have managed to download trade history and with a bit of xl gymnastics can analyse trades and get an idea of my hitrate at least.
  15. Hopefully others think the same way as me and have managed to do something about it; I wish to review my previous trades to see what can be improved. I wish to take a slice of trading history, say one week, one month and then a) review the charts one by one b) conduct some more automated performance review How best to do this? What does IG offer for this in PRT? What does IG offer for this in std platform? Is IG planning on offering anything in the near future? The way I see it right now is that I should download my trading history and simply go through the list on
  16. thanks Futures same thing happened today. What a totally unreliable piece of software, I will be contacting PRT through the platform, though in my experience all my issues reported through the platform have received no feedback. Where do they feedback to? In the meantime I have developed the habit of copying text and then paste direct to file from MacOS (pbpaste > bakfile.txt from command line)
  17. Hi, when I create code, I come back to it the following day and I find that (on more than one occasion) that the code presented is old code. My save routine is: 1) close the code window, answer yes to the question do you want to save 2) In the main window File>Save 3) Export my code locally as backup. Why is saving so damned complicated in PRT? Google docs does this effortlessly, now the way I see it, PRT and Google docs offer the same service, i.e. SAAS model, you go online you change some data you use some functions, you exit. But in Google it's instantly saved, no brainer. In PR
  18. Hi Tim, thanks for your advice, I will check it out. I notice some unexpected behaviour in my ProRealTime Screener, i.e. its flagging forex pairs which it thinks meet my conditions but actually does not. Does anyone from IG have an interest in this? I'm sure it's not a bug, but I really can't see where I have s[ecd the logic for it to behave that way... thanks again Philip
  19. Hi, have been trading for about 5 years, on and off, mainly currencies. It's hard but satisfying when I get it right. Still learning in that I haven't made any money, in fact I have net lost. This will change. I am looking at CCI, support and resistance and differing timeframes as my guide. D1, H4, M30 and M5 Am interested in systems and programming pro realtime to screen for precise conditions. Maybe eventually automated trading, but that seems a long way off. Cheers
  20. Hi, is there a forum for programming help with Pro RealTime? I wish to set up a Pro Screener which triggers when the CCI over the past 50 days has crossed under once followed by cross over twice consecutively. But my feeble brain cannot do this alone. Thanks:)
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