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  1. Hello Can anyone tell me if IG still has the setting were I can place a maximum bet size in case I make a mistake? I am sure I set it on the old version but I went on it again but cannot find the setting. Does the new version have it?
  2. Hello I am trying to set a stop on an open position but when I click on my positions tab and the list of open trades comes up I type the number in and it only shows in faint, then if I click anything else the cell goes back to blank, why is this?
  3. How many times do dividend adjustments happen? This week IG says FTSE 100 will lose 4.3 points on 22nd August but my account was deducted the equivalent of 4.3 on the 22nd and on the 23rd. Is this correct?
  4. So am I correct in saying that the new spreadbetting rules don't happen until early August. And it is July for binaries?
  5. What does the 3 month thing mean? They say at the end of the 3 month they will look to extend for a further 3 month. I thought it is a permanent change.
  6. Hi Will trades I have opened before July be affected by the new ESMA rules? Will I need more margin to keep them open? I was told in a previous question that I wouldn't.
  7. Right in front of my eyes as I thought it would be. I was looking in indicators for it. Easy when you know how. Thanx again.
  8. Hello Does the simple IG charts have a line chart setting? I usually just use candles.
  9. I think I may spreadbet shares rather than indices.
  10. IG are going to need to be creative if they want to attract new retail customers. I would not of started trading with IG under the new rules.
  11. I was thinking more about 25p - 50p and then build a position.
  12. Hi Yes, that's what I think. I have seen a few traders who use youtube etc and they can bet smaller. How can IG grow their customers when the new rules come into force. Smaller bet size will allow them to learn on a smaller account.
  13. Hi With the introduction of the new ESMA rules in July, will you be offering smaller bet sizes? I know that some older clients can trade as small as 25p a point, will this be introduced for everyone?
  14. Hi Can someone from IG give an example of the new 50% margin stop which will change under the new ESMA rules. I have never had a margin stop before so I am not 100% sure about it. I generally trade FTSE and Currency pairs.
  15. Does it only affect new positions or are all positions that we have open before the changes included?