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  1. Hello Can anyone tell me if the oil price going negative means that the IG price I pay can fall bellow zero? For eg if say I have a long position at £1 a point on crude and it was at 2000, I would expect to only lose a maximum of £2000 if no stop loss was set. Does going negative mean it can fall bellow zero? This may be a silly question to most but I don't trade oil.
  2. No info yet. I have got a felling that because I was in profit for Wall st March, they didn't want me to be able to close it and take the money. They are most likely gonna try and manipulate the price to close me out at a loss on Friday. OR MAYBE I'M JUST A CYNIC. 🙁
  3. Hello I want to close a Wall st Mar 20 contract, but when I try to close it I get a message " this contract is due to expire. Please open positions in the next contract." I don't want to open a new position, I want to close the current position. Any one know why it won't close. I have never had this problem before.
  4. Hello Can anyone tell me if IG still has the setting were I can place a maximum bet size in case I make a mistake? I am sure I set it on the old version but I went on it again but cannot find the setting. Does the new version have it?
  5. Hello I am trying to set a stop on an open position but when I click on my positions tab and the list of open trades comes up I type the number in and it only shows in faint, then if I click anything else the cell goes back to blank, why is this?
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