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  1. Sirius are going to attempt to make their remaining cash last six months. Investegate: September 2019 Financing and development update I can't decide whether to close my short now or pay to keep it open for the inevitable collapse to 0.
  2. The 'talk' of the government bailing out Sirius is just wishful thinking. TeesideLive: Sirius Minerals 'may offer investor incentive' to solve cashflow problems Buy bonds and receive free warrants which will convertible to shares. DOI: I'm short Sirius at 10.404.
  3. Burford Capital is unborrowable unfortunately.
  4. wjw22

    Intu property

    And so it came to pass... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/topics/cm1ygzmd3rqt/intu-properties
  5. You mean this one? FT Alphaville: How a £100m student accommodation scheme went wrong (registration but not subscription required)
  6. Unite Group are doubling down. Acquisition of Liberty Living Group Plc I still think I'm right, but I'm almost 20% under water!
  7. To begin, money is more than that: https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/quarterly-bulletin/2014/q1/money-in-the-modern-economy-an-introduction https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/quarterly-bulletin/2014/q1/money-creation-in-the-modern-economy
  8. Bloomberg: Ballyhooed Bitcoin Futures Contract Bows Out With a Whimper Bitcoin isn't money. The quantity of Bitcoin is not and cannot be linked to the amount of economic product. Bitcoin isn't a store of value. Some call it 'digital gold' but it is far too volatile for that. Bitcoin is both a Ponzi and a pyramid scheme. It has persisted as long as it has because of negative real interest rates.
  9. The price kept going up so I must admit I haven't opened that short yet!
  10. I've gone short DFS at at 254. Like many ex-Private Equity companies it has far too much debt. Without its intangible assets it would be insolvent. DFS Interim Results FY2019 (pdf).
  11. https://www.fool.co.uk/investing/2019/04/30/sirius-minerals-share-price-falls-on-funding-deal-this-is-what-id-do-now/ It appears Sirius is going to limp on for a little longer. I'm going to close my position tomorrow if I'm still in profit.
  12. I must admit I don't know what happens to a spread bet if a share is delisted. Edit: Here's the answer: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/market-details/what-happens-if-the-stock-i-am-trading-delists
  13. Sirius was a commodities boom play. The numbers almost worked - high commodity prices and cheap finances and it would be a goer, but neither lasted. There have been a number of share price spikes since then though, which is why I have waited until I think there's no chance of further capital injection.
  14. https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/news/share-dealing/2019/04/15/sirius-minerals-share-price--is-it-a-zero- Sirius is due to run out of money by the end of Q2 2019. I went short at 19.79 and was almost stopped out when the price spiked to 27! I think it'll go into administration in the next few weeks though.
  15. Ultra Electronics has released its final results for 2018. https://www.ultra-electronics.com/investor-centre/regulatory-news-alerts/2390261 In summary: Dividend now greater than statutory EPS. Profit down and debt up. Ultra is a tech company that needs to spend on R&D to have a future and it is doing a share buyback. Share price well up on this news. I'm planning to short.