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  1. Is it possible to add return on total assets (ROA) and dividend cover ratio to the Stocks Screener?
  2. Investegate: Offer for Finablr Limited No word on the price, but presumably it will only be a notional amount. Also presumably the stock will delist and this situation will apply: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/market-details/what-happens-if-the-stock-i-am-trading-delists
  3. Intu appears to have unknown availability of borrowing for short selling on IG. Does that imply an increased risk of a short squeeze?
  4. DFS has convinced shareholders that raising some more equity will fix it, but its balance sheet looks worse than ever. FT Alphaville: Markets Now (Registration but not subscription required.) DFS Interim Results FY2020 (pdf)
  5. The announcement of the merger collapse was on 16th March and the lockdown was on 20th March.
  6. LSL Property Services announced on 16th March that it would not be merging with Countrywide. Its balance sheet looks terrible with net assets of £141m including goodwill of £160m and a Current Ratio of less than 1. Since then it has been affected by the lockdown as well, but somehow today the share price is back to a pre-lockdown level. I'm short at 177.
  7. Nothing, Anglo American bought them from you for 5.5 p each.
  8. Countrywide's merger with also failing LSL Property Services has fallen through Countrywide's market value has been in freefall for months, which it attempted to mask with a share consolidation in December 2019. Now this merger has fallen through I'm short and I think Covid-19 will push the price down significantly in the next few weeks.
  9. and the shares are suspended.
  10. https://investors.finablr.com/en/reports-and-releases/regulatory-news/ I think this is the endgame.
  11. Amigo's founder and controlling shareholder says Amigo is committing slow-motion suicide in his blog. FT Alphaville has more. I think if Amigo was going to seek a judicial review of the Financial Ombudsman Service's guidance on irresponsible lending then it would have done so by now. It looks like insolvency is coming.
  12. Intu receives mention in today’s FT Alphaville (registration but not subscription required). From intu's update on strategy to fix the balance sheet: The only "alternative capital structures" I can think of involve giving creditors more control than current shareholders. Intu's going to keep selling off what assets it can. Effectively it is doing what would happen if it went into administration.
  13. The vote went through and Sirius receives another mention in today’s FT Alphaville (registration but not subscription required). Looking at another share dealing forum there seem to be some Sirius shareholders who gambled far more than they could afford to lose.
  14. intu has an announcement today regarding its rights issue. intu announces Amendment of Revolving Credit Facility intu has a market capitalisation of 220m. Its chances of raising 1.3bn seem remote. I'm short again.
  15. BBC: Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted: The 20 year old online trader who makes up to £200,000 a year I must admit I haven't watched this yet, and maybe this guy has some amazing gift for FX trading, but this sounds a bit too good to be true.
  16. I think the no-voting private investors will mess up at the Court Meeting. I’m long at 5.19.
  17. Looking at another share dealing forum there seem to be quite a few very vocal Sirius shareholders who want to vote no to the Anglo American bid but are too stupid to work out how to vote. I'm thinking carefully about that short.
  18. The share price is now below Anglo American’s bid price of 5.5p. This looks like an opportunity for bondholders to buy below the bid price, vote yes and even make a small profit on the share price. If anyone's interested, here is the part of the Scheme Document regarding the shareholders' vote:
  19. It appears that a few institutional investors are buying Sirius shares, so much so that they've bid the share price above Anglo American's offer price. Presumably these institutional investors are bondholders who want to be sure the vote for the takeover goes through and liquidation is avoided.
  20. Wolf Street on 30/12/2019: I, Who Vowed to Never-Ever Short Stocks Again, Just Shorted the Entire Market I do hope he lets us know how he gets on.
  21. Amigo's controlling shareholder has announced that it is a willing seller of its 60% holding in Amigo. Investegate: Strategic Review and Statement from Richmond Group Ltd More here: FT Alphaville: Markets not live, Monday 27th January 2020 (Registration but not subscription required.) It looks like having both a high-risk borrower and a high-risk guarantor on the hook doesn't reduce the lender's risk much after all. I went short at 66 and I don't think Richmond Group will find a buyer.
  22. From 20th January: Investegate: Recommended cash acquisition for Sirius Minerals This part caught my eye. Sirius supposedly has a large number of small private investors. On other discussion forums there are some very vocal and angry shareholders who say that they are going to vote against the acquisition in the belief that a better offer is forthcoming. I'm wondering whether more than 25% of shareholders will vote against the acquisition. If that happens then I think Sirius will go into liquidation. I'm considering another short just before the meeting.
  23. Finablr (owner of Travelex) had some news to announce today. https://www.investegate.co.uk/finablr-plc--fin-/rns/pdmr-notification/202001241000348631A/ and https://www.investegate.co.uk/finablr-plc--fin-/rns/statement-regarding-share-price/202001241803249240A/ I went short at 128.88 after reading how badly things were going with the Sodinokibi attack on Travelex. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2020/01/08/travelex_update/ https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252476624/Travelex-begins-to-restore-foreign-exchange-services-two-weeks-after-Sodinokibi-attack The Trav
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