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  1. Thanks for the update, Keith, and it's good to know things are moving forwards. As you say, I'm happy to give grace under the circumstances if things do get sorted out. Your response gives me hope! Perhaps an even better way forward would be an automated email sent after 11 months of no deposits/withdrawals stating that the ISA will be frozen if not used in the next 30 days? This was news to me.
  2. I got fed up with waiting on hold when I called. I appreciate the difficulties here at the moment, obviously, but that's why email is a preferable medium. I am considering Charles Schwab, which has extremely low commission rates and no quarterly fee (but no ISA, either, so it's a Pyrrhic victory on that count). I'd rather IG sorted the ISA thing out and dropped their quarterly fees, though.
  3. No, Keith is not alone. I submitted the same paperwork the day after he did (sorry for not responding sooner, Keith) and still no response. I was already frustrated by the quarterly charges introduced last year, but this is probably going to be the push I need to look for a new platform.
  4. @CharlotteIG Thanks for this Charlotte. Please can you have this form sent to me as well?
  5. As a further point, where is the ISA form? That is not obvious, either. I want to put funds straight into the account, not transfer from an existing (cash or share) ISA. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Charlotte, This is my first upload to my ISA in over a year, so that may be a part of the problem. However, I also specifically referenced my ISA account in the transfer, so I was a bit upset to see the money appear in my share dealing account. Obviously, this could all be stated far more clearly on the website. Best wishes, Kevin
  7. I am also having this problem. Cannot transfer money directly, and when I try to deposit money from my bank account, it goes into my share dealing account, not the ISA.
  8. Hi BigDeal, my (related) question is how to get money into my ISA to buy the shares! I am unable to transfer the money online at the moment, so I withdrew it to my bank account and tried to deposit it in the ISA. Instead, it went back into my regular share dealing account.
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