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  1. Cheers Alex 👍I'll definitely be trying some of your suggestions
  2. I seem to be getting into the right trades. But I do suck at getting out at the right time. It's either way to early, or too late...i.e. the trade reverses on me and wipes out all profits. I am a fan of trailing stop. But even trailing stops seem to cash me out way too early. What do you guys & girls do to squeeze enough out any particular position? (i.e. make your profits run)
  3. Yup...there is definitely no free lunch...nothing beats figuring out trades for yourself...and/or skilling up until you know how!
  4. Hey peeps. I'm using IG charts. My indicators don't save when I log out. Yes, I've tried Save Layout million times. I have to reset my indicators every time I log in afresh. Real pain in the ### Any thoughts?
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