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  1. This has now been solved. I contacted IG via whatsapp and besides the above I mentioned that there was an old disabled spread betting account that was associated with my id - I suspected this might be causing the problem. They removed this account completely and voila! - now all is ok.
  2. @KoketsoIG The screen that is displayed on the android app is attached. And as I've stated above the web browser version just redirects to the IG dashboard.
  3. Hi @KoketsoIG This occurs on different browsers (chrome & edge) on different devices (chromebook and windows 10 and windows 11). I have cleared all cookies and data and the same thing happens. I have also tried under 'incognito' mode (which uses totally fresh cookies etc) and the same thing happens. Also, the fact that I also can't create an account when logged in on my android app would indicate there is something wrong at the account level which needs looking at by IG. There is absolutely nothing I can do to get this working.
  4. Hello @KoketsoIG Thanks for your response. I am experiencing the same issue on both the android app and the web trading platform (browser). On the browser if I 'add an account' from the IG dashboard it takes me right back to the dashboard. The link expands to: https://www.ig.com/myig/goto/add_accounts?productCode=TASTYOPT but that page is not displayed, it immediately automatically redirects to https://www.ig.com/uk/myig/dashboard . On the android app if I go to: Account / Manage Accounts / Add an account it just displays 'No accounts to display'
  5. follow up: On the browser the link to 'Add an account' expands to: https://www.ig.com/myig/goto/add_accounts?productCode=TASTYOPT If I paste this directly into the address bar it is immediately replaced by: https://www.ig.com/uk/myig/dashboard
  6. If I am logged in to my IG spread betting account on a browser and go to the My IG dashboard there is a large 'IG Tastytrade' button top right inviting me to 'Add an Account' . If I click in this area it takes me right back to the IG dashboard. On the android app in the 'add account' area it says 'No accounts to display'. Other users on this forum have stated they are able to add an account on both the app and browser but it is not working for me. In an email from IG I was invited to 'Create an options account'. Clicking this link takes me to the 'Sign up for a live trading account with IG and start trading' new customer page and unsurprisingly I can't create a new account as I am already an IG customer. Is anyone else having this issue (existing customer unable to create Tastytrade US options and futures account under their current IG customer Id)? Can someone at IG look into this?
  7. Thanks. I just registered, hopefully it'll activate soon.
  8. That's interesting. On android if I go through that sequence (Account -> manage account -> Add an account ->) it states 'No accounts to display'. I have the latest version of the app. It would seem they've set something for you but not for me even though they've sent me the email. And I don't see any option to 'Add an account' on the dashboard on the browser.
  9. Today I received an email from IG regarding 'our brand-new US options and futures account, brought to you in partnership with our award-winning* friends at tastytrade'. I want to check this out. The email states 'try it now by logging into your My IG dashboard, clicking add an account and selecting US options and futures' but I don't see that option on My IG dashboard. Elsewhere I saw there was a new IG Android app called 'IG US options and futures app '. I downloaded it and logged in using my usual IG credentials and it took me straight to the usual IG dealing app. What am I missing?
  10. @neueneuen Good point - min bet on demo account is £1. Should always verify on live after checking on demo.
  11. It's worth setting up a demo account and using it to check out the size of your trade which is not always all that clear if you're trading a new market. It's what I did to check the EURTRY and where it showed the £87,600 deposit for the minimum £1 bet (you don't actually have to place the trade - you'll see the margin amount when you press the Sell or Buy button and before pressing the 'Place Deal' button (though it might work a bit differently if you have 1-Click set)). And for currencies where the pair is XXXYYY you're going long XXX if you BUY to open and you're going long YYY if you SELL to open. So it doesn't really matter that the pair is XXXYYY rather than YYYXXX you just open in the opposite direction, though the size of the bet is impacted.
  12. @cate Yup, it seems ridiculous - I can see no reason why they won't publish the changes ahead of time.
  13. Yes, on IG it is listed under exotics. Does that make a difference to the denomination / minimum sizing quoted by IG?
  14. The email states "We’re pleased to let you know that the majority of our margins will decrease. However, some will increase." So yes.
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