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  1. completed recent software update, running android 10 and ever since it's been a complete shitshow. wiped cache, factory reboot, reinstalled IG and a couple other apps - other apps are fine - IG keeps crashing every 5 minutes, making the tablet reboot. anybody else having this problem, tech support???
  2. I normally trade with the old platform open, the new platform open, the ap on my tablet and the ap on my phone using my mobile service provider in case the internet dies. This was not a problem until last night - however as of last night I am struggling to have the 2 windows open on my computer at the same time and as soon as I log in to the ap on either my tablet or phone - the windows on my computer are logged out. Is anybody else experiencing this? Spoke to helpdesk apparently they are working on something because trades weren't pulling through on multiple logins
  3. At which stage was anybody ungrateful?? Thank you for your informative replies, greatly appreciated - as opposed to your initial sarcastic response.
  4. Very informative post. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my original post. You are very smart man. FO DH
  5. once the changes take affect, I will be looking for a new broker, cfd provider - able to offer the leverage we are accustomed to. Any suggestions appreciated