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  1. Sliver is pretty much down to long term trend line. Bearing in mind the Gold/Silver ratio, Silver has got to be considered as oversold. Doesn't mean it can't drop further though !! Keep a close eye on those silver miners, may soon be time to go all in.
  2. This could now be the turn around level but I have to agree there may be economic factors that develop to depress the price further.
  3. Thanks for the analysis Mercury, I'm inclined to wait for retrace to your trend line resistance and look to getting short if it turns down. That may be too cautious of course but we'll see.
  4. Have to agree with you there Trendfollower, could well pull back and take a bit more time to consolidate.
  5. draa46

    Buy Platinum

    Platinum pulled back below the breakout level and is retesting this now. If you take into account the MA crosses in early March, the extreme in the Gold Platinum ratio, and the Palladium bubble (forcing manufacturers back to Platinum for catalytic converters) we have a good case for going long. Just needs a convincing close above 878.
  6. The bottom may be in but it could also retest the 30,000 level. Let's wait and see and be ready to take a position when it all becomes clear.
  7. Might be a bit late to catch this trend, it has come a long way. I would wait until the hurricane season starts stateside and if there looks to be something big on the way then go long.
  8. We may be looking at the formation of a double bottom, too early to tell
  9. We may be looking at the formation of a double bottom, too early to tell.