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  1. If an underlying stock becomes subject to a take over, what happens to my CFD position, please?
  2. I have noticed that some of my alerts reset to zero. Further investigation reveals that the alerts that reset are the alerts where I ticked the checkbox to receive email notification with the alert. How can I solve this, please?
  3. Never mind. Something changed. Dunno what, but there's more than 2 days of data there now. D.
  4. Hi, I've loaded a 3 minute chart of an(y) ASX stock and I'm only getting data for the current day and prior day, regardless of the number of units I select. Is this correct? Thanks
  5. The issue is that one requires a CFD account to have PRT access. Silly idea when one only wants to trade shares and use the platform for charting.
  6. G'day, I'm new to IG and trying to access Pro Real Time. Is there a secret handshake or code to get Pro Real Time to appear in the Settings menu. please? Thanks, David. Mine looks like this ... It's supposed to look like this ...
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