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  1. Hi Guest Edd, From what I know, as a retail trader on IG, the smallest you can go is mini lots. And of course any sized lots you can use a stop loss. Hope that helps.
  2. Ok thanks for letting me know. I'm trading on a MAC and using the browser version so I guess I'll be sticking to Mini lots for now.
  3. HI, Thank you for the reply. I fixed the problem. Trying it on Chrome didn't work. What fixed it was I run NordVPN and that was blocking it for some reason. After I disconnected the VPN connection, the IG Live feed worked. And now after turning the VPN connection back on, the feed still works. Go figure?! Thanks again.
  4. Hi, When I get a notification to watch IG Live - On Air Now, I want to watch it. I remember a few months ago it worked but now it doesn't. When I click on watch, it doesn't load. Anyone else having this problem? I've tried on Safari and Firefox. Thanks for your help!
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