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  1. Guys, IG is an execution platform, and a good one at that. If you're a decent trader you'll realize charting isn't its function- especially at the retail rates IG is priced at. I suggest investing in a bespoke charting tool if you really need such detail in charts i.e Tradingview, TC2000 etc. Log Scale charting probably isn't that high a priority for a broker!!
  2. Hello, Firstly I want to say what an excellent platform IG is, I find it very accessible and intuitive. My request is to have Expiry functionality added to Alerts - as is currently available in Orders. In particular for Alert/Price/Price Level. "As a User, I want to configure and set an expiry when creating alerts, in order to reduce irrelevant alerts triggering." Background: Without an expiry and assuming the symbol continues trading indefinitely, then price will eventually cross the alert even if long beyond the time frame of the intended setup. Thank you for your cons
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