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  1. Does no-one have any advice about this? Was hoping this forum might actually be helpful.
  2. Other online brokers allow you to cancel an order *at any time* -- they queue the order if the exchange is closed. IG, for some reason, doesn't allow this. Is there something I am missing? For me, not being able to cancel an order at any time is a massive inconvenience. Often I am too busy in the mornings to wait for the exchange to open. Surely I am not the only person with this issue. Ian
  3. Most stock prices for U.S. stocks and ETFs on both my web and app accounts are frozen and not updating. This started happening last week.... Can someone please advise a fix?
  4. Most U.S. stock prices on my watch-lists are frozen and not updating. This started happening last week. It's very annoying, can anyone advise a fix please? Ian
  5. Hi, Charts aren't loading on my MacBook, I'm running Safari. Any tips would be greatly appreciated so long as they don't involve installing Flash if possible. Cheers, Ian
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