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  1. Hi, I managed to download the app version this time , but I cannot get it to run, How do I retrieve my password. please look at the attachment and advise, Thank you
  2. Good afternoon. I am running my trades on more than 2 computers, one computer has the MT4 app version that was downloaded from chrome , and it is running well. Now I want to load the same MT4 app version on my other computers, and I am struggling to get it to run. I am not sure if the password I am using is still the correct one or not. I will attach the screenshot to see how it looks like, please advise. on the other computer the app version of the MT4 runs well.
  3. When is IG Trade going to incorporate Trading View in their platforms. At the IG summit early this year, it was mentioned that IG will be going the Trading View platform.
  4. I want to migrate from MT4 to MT5, is it possible with IG Trade and if it is possible, how do I go about it?
  5. Indicator alerts inactive onmy platform, why?
  6. On Saturday the 11th of March I was at IG Trading Summit and Ross Larter demonstrated to the audience how to trade using fractals on JSE Top 40. I am trying to locate htis indicator on IG platform and I am not willing. Can Ofentse help or any other person help. Regards Michael Mosaka
  7. Why can't I have more than one screen on my 3 or 4 computers like before, I am currently using 3 or 4 screens and today your platform is only allowing me to have only one screen, Why???
  8. New platform does not open? Why
  9. Why am I currently restricted from opening a new position? I am up to date with my funds
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