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  1. Of course. The Pound is over 1,000 years old. Bitcoin is 11. Anyway, you're comparing apples with oranges. Bitcoin isn't just a means of transferring value. If anything, that's one of it's worst attributes. The vast majority of ICO's issued on the Ethereum network were a scam. Granted. But you say Bitcoin is a scam, right? I kindly suggest you stop talking about subjects you clearly have no idea about. Perhaps educate yourself by researching the infrastructure being built around the Bitcoin network and the extremely successful business people, not from cyrpto, investing heavily in
  2. No, it's short sighted and refusing to accept the future. The finance industry as whole is as bent as they come. Whether it's bankers coordinating Gold movements via Bloomberg chat, 4pm fix shenanigans, HSBC knowingly laundering billions of drug cartel money or JPM in the dock for yet another multi-billion fine for illicit activity. So please don't preach about Bitcoin/Crypto being rife with scammers when one looks at regulated banking in general and as for worse than gambling? Gambling itself ruins thousands and thousands of lives the world over. Crypto doesn't even come close. It's
  3. Can anyone at IG actually advise me what the Eurozone Events cover? Is it German, French, Spanish etc high impact events or that San Marino have closed the last Blockbusters?
  4. No more crypto derivatives from next year. You can buy Bitcoin just not trade it. Sooooooooo short sighted by the FCA. You know what FCA actually stands for, right? Let's cancel the future because Mrs Miggins at No 32 got scammed even though the UK and ECB are looking at their own digital currency. Fishy much? Thank God for VPN's.
  5. I'd agree with that and it annoys me so much I have actually unchecked it. And don't get me started on MT4's stupid way of showing OHLC data. Is it Monday morning already? Tradingview shows the data how I like it and it can't be that difficult to add it to the IG platform.
  6. Can anyone advise exactly what the Eurozone events cover as it's not designated by country. I only trade Fiber & EJ when it comes to Euro pairs so I'm not sure whether it's best to just add Germany for instance or Eurozone for events. Thanks.
  7. Go to google and type in "most volatile forex pairs" and you'll get a list of the biggest daily pip movements for each pair. Remember though, the cross pairs and exotics have bigger spreads. If you like volatility and have already been trading GU then I suggest you stick with that pair.
  8. Perhaps someone from IG should come on this thread and explain exactly what happens on both sides of the market when retail place a SB/CFD order because the following doesn't answer in full.
  9. Shame. Oh well. You would have thought IG would be big enough to manage volatility... I've given up trying to work brokers out. I haven't looked at IB for years. Last time I did I'm pretty sure I really liked their platform but UK traders couldn't open accounts with them. I'll take a look now. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Can you expand on this as I'm close to opening an account with IG and wasn't aware of this. If a bio stock is up 30% on the day and I want to either buy it on a pullback or fade what I think the top is, the chances are I'll get an error message saying "Market only available to close" ? Does it happen with big daily gainers all/most/some of the time? If so I won't bother and will just open a small SB account to take a punt now and again. Cheers.
  11. If it's your first foray into crypto, just buy bitcoin. Set aside an amount each month you can afford and buy bitcoin. Don't even bother looking at the price. DCA each month, stick it on a Trezor and forget it. Hopefully in a few years you'll have enough to retire. Everyone should have at least 5% of btc in their portfolio imho. Alternatively, if you're looking to set up a crypto "sh1tcoin" portfolio be prepared to dive in, deep, into research. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tezos, Monero etc and these don't even touch on DeFi, Security Tokens, Lending, Staking etc. Have something
  12. Bitstamp. Based in London. One of the oldest and most trusted sites for buying and trading btc.
  13. I know this comes from Reuters but I was wondering if anyone knew a rough lag time? I don't trade the news but it would be nice to know if "Fed Increases Rates" breaking news is 30 seconds old or 30 minutes old according to the IG timestamp. Thanks.
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