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  1. Perhaps someone from IG should come on this thread and explain exactly what happens on both sides of the market when retail place a SB/CFD order because the following doesn't answer in full.
  2. Shame. Oh well. You would have thought IG would be big enough to manage volatility... I've given up trying to work brokers out. I haven't looked at IB for years. Last time I did I'm pretty sure I really liked their platform but UK traders couldn't open accounts with them. I'll take a look now. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Can you expand on this as I'm close to opening an account with IG and wasn't aware of this. If a bio stock is up 30% on the day and I want to either buy it on a pullback or fade what I think the top is, the chances are I'll get an error message saying "Market only available to close" ? Does it happen with big daily gainers all/most/some of the time? If so I won't bother and will just open a small SB account to take a punt now and again. Cheers.
  4. If it's your first foray into crypto, just buy bitcoin. Set aside an amount each month you can afford and buy bitcoin. Don't even bother looking at the price. DCA each month, stick it on a Trezor and forget it. Hopefully in a few years you'll have enough to retire. Everyone should have at least 5% of btc in their portfolio imho. Alternatively, if you're looking to set up a crypto "sh1tcoin" portfolio be prepared to dive in, deep, into research. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tezos, Monero etc and these don't even touch on DeFi, Security Tokens, Lending, Staking etc. Have something like this: 40-60% Bitcoin (low risk - for crypto anyway) 30% Ethereum, Cardano, Tezos etc (Large Cap alt coins with medium risk) 15% Higher risk alt coins but higher reward (this is where your research comes in to find legit projects) 5% Small Cap coins, High leverage, full degenerate margin trading. Huge reward if you win but highly risky and if you lose all that 5% who cares? Your Bitcoin holdings should make up for the loss. But if it goes 10x then holy momma. p.s IMHO stay away from the likes of Ripple, Tron and Bitcoin SV.
  5. Bitstamp. Based in London. One of the oldest and most trusted sites for buying and trading btc.
  6. I know this comes from Reuters but I was wondering if anyone knew a rough lag time? I don't trade the news but it would be nice to know if "Fed Increases Rates" breaking news is 30 seconds old or 30 minutes old according to the IG timestamp. Thanks.
  7. Is it possible to change the demo platform from 5 to 4 decimal points? Thanks.
  8. ahhhhhhhhh ok. Thanks, Casey. Well seeing how important USD is and even though the price action is very similar... Which do you think its the better option for accuracy? Or, if one trades solely in IG using the dollar basket would be the sensible option?
  9. *Noob Alert* Erm, what's the difference between DXY on TradingView and the Dollar Basket on IG? Apart from the price that is. I can't find DXY or USDX on IG, so what do I use to check the $ price instead of going over to TradingView each time? Thanks.