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  1. Since it's been nearly 5 months, bump! I'm getting the feeling the API is just no longer being worked on? The streaming client is deprecated for 4 years now.
  2. I get why there are minimum stop distances for guaranteed stops due to market volatility and slippage, but what is the logic behind having a minimum stop distance requirement for normal market stops? If there's any slippage I have to pay for it anyway. Taking Litecoin (E1) as an example, there's a minimum market stop distance of 1.25 points. If I'm buying 100 Litecoin, that stop would get triggered once I've lost 125€. Is there a reason why I can't have my position closed when it's going down 0.7 points (70€) during trading hours? Why do I have to lose an artificially imposed amount of mo
  3. I did, yes, but most of these questions are about the error message you get when you exceed your data allowance, and not actually asking to raise it. The most recent question about it I could find was asked in 2014 and ended with IG saying that they'll look into it. Since it's been more than 5 years I wanted to bring it up again, because it's currently the biggest limitation you have when developing automatic trade programs.
  4. Would a corporation account remove that limit? I imagine I'd actually need a corporation to be able to sign up for one? I do know that this is not allowed for real-time subscriptions for the lightstreamer interface, not sure about the REST API. Even with 5 accounts though, 50.000 data points per week are still rather low. It's just pretty outdated considering today's technology, but on the other hand, IG is one of very few European brokers who even have an API. It just feels a bit abandoned, because requests to raise the historical data limits are made since 2014 and my IG-Labs account
  5. I programmed a bot to automatically create and close orders for me based on several moving averages and trade momentum. I've tried to find a broker with an API for quiet a while now and I think IG might be the best choice for me, but I'm really having trouble testing my trade strategies mainly due to the low data point allowance on historical data. The advantage of using a bot is partially its high ability for number-crunshing, but the incredibly low limit of 10,000 data points per week (~60 points per hour) is just not enough. My bot is iterating through the markets, checking for positio
  6. @TrendFollower, I think that this is just a bug on the demo account, because it doesn't make much sense to be able to create an order with a deal size of 0. It is even declined with an error message if I try to do that. Just wanted to report it here.
  7. The Min Contract Size for Ether ($1) (Cryptocurrency) is 0. According to the API, it should be 0.5. https://imgur.com/5jAPWPR I'm using a Demo-Account if that helps. On the Live-Account the Min Contract Size is 0.13.
  8. I'm relatively new to trading, so please forgive me if I just have the wrong idea about this. I'm learning as I go with the demo account and try to read through the tutorials and guides that IG provides. Maybe I'm just betting on the wrong horse, but any long term investments into positions that I want to hold over multiple days seem to get eaten up by broker fees. I'm playing around with the demo account for a while now and tested most of the options on both accounts (barriers, indizes, fx, crypto, shares) and the biggest problem I have are the daily fees I have to pay. With the CFD acco
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