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  1. Hi, sorry I am new but if I select "deal" for an immediate order, is there interest to pay? if yes, how much // no where on the position tab does it mention interest. Conversely if I add funds to my account that are unused, am I paid interest on the sum? thanks for the help
  2. I am curious too, which buys have daily fees and after how long? Where is this information listed on the buy ticket?
  3. Hi, I am new, and just want to practice with various options such as normal stop loss / guaranteed / trailing. BUT I also want to compare to self-managed (no stop loss on the trade). Yes I have read all about risk ratios etc but I think it is best to find this out for myself using the demo account or a tiny bet. My question is how to apply an order / deal without a stop loss...do I just leave the box blank? will the deal still be accepted? thanks
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