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  1. I have opened positions on a couple of US shares. I want to set a stop loss but I can't see anywhere to set one. Eventually after hours of looking I found that you cannot set a stop loss. I note from a reply from many years ago (August 2016) that you cannot put a stop loss on an open position. It stated: On a share dealing account, you cannot simply attach a stop/limit OTC, but rather have to work a stop or limit order on the exchange to close a position. Therefore, if you have a level at which you would like to close a position, you need to enter a sell order to work in the market, until the price is reached and as many shares are sold as possible. Is this still the case? This brings up related questions. If I have bought the shares at $100 and want to sell if the price goes down to $96 Do I put in an order to sell at $96? If the price goes up to $105 and I wish to sell, do I have to amend the existing order to sell at $105 rather than $96? Could I get into a mess if I tried to put in an additional sell order @ $105 as well as the one at $96? - in which case I would have two different orders trying to sell the same shares.
  2. On 28/07/2022 there were two trades shown as Corporate-Action for my McEwen Mining Inc shares. One was a sell action selling my total quantity of old shares with no price. The other was a buy action buying back approximately 10% fewer new shares, again at no cost. I think this was for a consolidation to arrive at a situation where I had 1 new share for every 10 of the old shares. On 19/08/2022 there was what appears to be a tidy up operation to account for 7 of the old shares which did not equate to a whole new share. I assume the mathematics of this worked OK. However it has left me with the situation where my profit or loss for the McEwen shares does not show up properly. It shows the market value of these shares to be practically the same as the profit, which it would do if I bought them at no cost. How can I adjust the figures to give me the real profit or loss of these shares in particular, and my portfolio as a whole?
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