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  1. Hi All, Anyone with the same predicament as me? IG did not send out the email trigger (for fund top up) when my equity falls below 100% and the supposed 2nd email trigger when my equity falls below 75% also didn't come. And they closed out numerous of my cryto currencies trades right when the prices was at its bottom at 10:15am SGT time and then the prices start to surge 1min after they close my positions??!!
  2. I have been calling them this morning SGT 10.30am due to many trades they auto-closed on my account due to the drop in Crypto and till 11.30am, I still can't get anyone and its really frustrating
  3. The link says IG will send out 1st email when equity falls below margin requirements falls below 100% and another email when equity falls below 75%
  4. Hi All, Do anyone has any idea how the margin call procedure works in IG?