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  1. this is the respond I got from them after 200 Days, Their concern is for them to make money out of you not you a claint to make money out of the market. I got your concern but please note that there will be minimum and maximum stop and limit distance beyond which it is not possible to place the stops or limits. It will not be possible to find the exact stop and limit distances as they vary based on the volatility of the markets. Minimum and maximum stop/limit distances are standard for all the clients and cannot be altered or adjusted. Unfortunately there is no other way to alter the stop/limit distances but I will take your concern as feedback and will pass it to the concerned team.
  2. Hi, why is the IG platform require stop and target to be near the price, if its far from the price the platform doesnt take your order or deal. Ive been battling from last friday to place a trade because your platform want to stop me out of the trade. if it was saying my stop is near the price I would understand but far from the price it raises concern why are you prepare to stop me out of the trade. I hope I get help because your phone and emails are not being answered. Ive attach a copy of my quiry