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  1. If I enter a trade and want to place an order to take partial profits at as certain level, which order type is it ? Does the same apply to both long and short positions ? Thanks in advance.
  2. It's a MacBook Air about 4 years old, which was bought wit the highest spec upgrade.
  3. When I go into my IG account on my Mac, using the default browser, Safari, very soon the fan starts getting noisy and eventually I get a browser message saying words to the effect that this web page is using a lot of resources. Any ideas how I can improve the situation on my Mac......Not by getting a PC ?
  4. Is it possible to add a 2nd chart of the same FX pair in 'My Workspace' ? I would like to view both 30min and 5 min charts at the same time. I have managed to create a 2nd chart outside of 'My Workspace' not within. This is in a Demo account, which I assume operates the same as a live one, in regards to the 'My Workspace' element ? Thanks in advance.