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  1. By charging Adimi. fees on top top of interest rate (which is acceptable) for overnight carried-forward trades........works out expensive then others. EXTRA burden. Hope IG REMOVES THEM.
  2. oooooooooppppppps......Still not corrected.
  3. Home page still shows prices as "Weekend Wall Street", i.e all weekend prices .
  4. Why the spread changes from 0.6 to 0.9 and vs. in slip seconds?
  5. Sent email but still no reply from IG
  6. If you were long in Wall Street last night you should have received 6.8p dividends but STILL not credited. Any one? Thanks
  7. Got it. Many thanks. Press Commodities, press US Crude, chart pops up, and "futures" is next to "cash" (in-between "add to workspace". Stupid place to place it
  8. Same but for the day, nearly £10 for £1 bet. Emailed several times but no answer.
  9. They have not even bother to reply to my 3 e-mails. Was also on phone last Friday for 40 minutes . No answer, fed up and cut it off. The query was overnight charges in £1 long bet in US Crude, charged me £10.74. Doesn't seem right. THANKS IG
  10. Opened a new Spreadbet a/c but can't find Futures prices. E.G. May US Crude of June FT100. Do IG offer betting in futures? Thanks
  11. Why IG charged me £10.74 for overnight charges in £1.10 long in US Crude? Should not be £1.074?
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