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  1. HI Anyone now why Netlinkz has changed to Phone IG to trade?
  2. HI I bought Webjet shares prior to the Retail Entitlement share offer record date of 3rd April 2020 so am eligible to get the additional shares at the offered rate of $1.70 I rang Computershare and they asked for the HIN number. Subsequently I have found out you run under a custodial model with Citicorp Nominees holding the shares How do i ensure i do not miss out on the offer. I have emailed the helpdesk twice and still have not received any response Thankyou
  3. HI Where do you actually buy bonds. For example Carnival Bonds_ Thanks
  4. You get charged a transaction fee for Buying and a transaction fee for selling ( in this instance 10pound each time) Might i suggest its best to do less trades but at a higher amount as otherwise the fees can cut into profits espceialyy if doing short time trades
  5. HI newbie here Is theer a way to create a news watchlist so just news about specific companies that i am watching show up in one feed instead of having to click on each one individually Thanks in advance
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