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  1. Hi @Bearmax, Your positions will be unaffected, no action is required on your end. All the best - Arvin
  2. Hi @McTucci, It is likely that there was a Corporate action. You will need to edit your book cost. To do so please follow the instruction on https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/investments/share-dealing-and-isas/how-do-i-edit-my-book-cost . All the best - Arvin
  3. Hi Bryan, It is a work in progress, as mentioned above there is no ETA. Unfortunately it is unlikely that it will be available by Christmas 2021. All the best - Arvin
  4. Hi @rhoda, If you can't find a stock or market, it is likely that it is not available on the IG platform. You can request for stock to be added on All the best - Arvin
  5. Hi @KHYEOH, KYC checks are dependent on local regulators. IG must conduct KYC checks for due diligence. Unfortunately, until the team comes back to you there is not much that can be done. They will need details to match as part of what is acceptable according to the policies in place. You can try to reach out to the helpdesk but they won't be able to do the check for you. All the best - Arvin
  6. As Chinese tech stocks face pronounced selling pressure, analysts continue to view Alibaba favourably. Source: Bloomberg Shares Alibaba Group Sell side China Stock United States Despite the Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) share price collapsing 30% in the last 6-months, the sell-side continues to see upside potential from the tech behemoth. According to Market Beat, the consensus price target for Alibaba last stood at $301.78 per share, a level which implies upside potential of 91.17% from where the stock last traded at. Alibaba share price Alibaba closed out Wednesday's US session at US$157.86 per share, giving the conglomerate an market capitalisation of US$429.09 billion. At those price levels, the stock trades on an 18.93x earnings multiple, a significant pullback from where it stood just a year ago and well behind the comps of many of its US big-tech counterparts. With a mind to curb monopolistic power, the Chinese government has come down hard on some of its country’s most important sectors, from education to technology. Aliababa, ByteDance, Didi, and Tencent have faced the brunt of this scrutiny, with their share prices facing equally fervent declines in response. Such concerns seem broader than regulatory intervention though, with Tencent and Alibaba both recently reporting that they have made ‘social aid donations’ running into the billions. Such donation, as the narrative goes, is aimed at tacking wealth inequality in the country. IG Market Analyst Kyle Rodda recently elaborated on that point, noting that: ‘Every major company is in the cross hairs at the moment from Chinese authorities, as the CCP pushes its “common prosperity” drive. Tech and finance are definite targets, and you throw in the mix the out of favour Jack Ma, and perhaps it was inevitable that Alibaba and Alipay would come under some sort of scrutiny.’ As Mr Rodda further notes: ‘Monopolies are bad for consumers and the interests of broader society. China is looking to rebalance the power and wealth away from “capitalists”, and arguably nip in the bud the state of affairs that have emerged in Western market economies, and restructure massive and sometimes too big to fail corporations, who’ve too much in the eyes of the CCP served the interests of shareholders, but perhaps not society at large.’ These issues haven’t dissuaded the sell-side, mind you. Alibaba’s consensus rating of Buy is made up of 1 Strong Buy rating, 24 Buy ratings, 2 Hold ratings and 2 Sell ratings. That’s little changed from how analaysts viewed the stock just a year ago. (In fact, the consensus price target is higher now than it was then.) While that view remains stable, everything else about Alibaba – and perhaps Chinese equities more broadly – appears in a state of flux. The contrast between the sharp price declines and the unpredictable regulatory environment also creates a number of important questions that investors and traders must grapple with. Is this simply a case of the sell-side not ‘catching up’ to the current events; which are inherently difficult to, or potentially impossible to model for? Or, according to the analyst consensus, is Alibaba actually ‘cheap’ at current price levels, based off historical growth levels and when looking at US big-tech comps? Thinking of trading BABA shares? Take your position on over 13,000 local and international shares via CFDs or share trading – and trade it all seamlessly from the one account. Learn more about share CFDs or shares trading with us, or open an account to get started today. Shane Walton | Financial Writer, Australia 16 September 2021
  7. As uranium prices hit multi-year highs, we examine ten ASX-listed companies with exposure to uranium assets. ource: Bloomberg Indices Shares Uranium Share Stock Australian Securities Exchange Uranium prices hit 5-year high in September Uranium prices have run wild in the last month, with the commodity trading 36.3% higher in that period, last hovering around the $44.90 mark. That marks a five year high for the often overlooked commodity, which traded below the $20 mark in 2016. This has corresponded to significant buying activity in global and in particular, ASX-listed uranium stocks, with the likes of Paladin Energy gaining 112% in the last month alone. What’s the catalyst behind this latest surge? According to IG’s Senior Market Analyst, Joshua Mahony: ‘This largely illiquid market has been influenced heavily by the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust, which is providing major demand into a market that takes little to move price. The sheer size of Sprott’s other precious metal trusts highlights the potential impact it could have upon uranium prices.’ Looking ahead, Mr Mahony pointed out that that: ‘In total the Sprott trusts total $12 billion in funds. While the Sprott Trust is currently listed in Canada, their plan is to also post on the New York Stock Exchange. That could bring yet another bout of upside for uranium prices.’ There are some complexities to this recent price boom that investors and traders should be aware of, with Mr Mahony noting that: ‘Notably, while we have seen the price of uranium jump from $34 to $42 in a very short space of time, it is argued that many producers refuse to restart operations until prices reach something close to $70.’ Best 10 ASX uranium stocks to watch in 2021 Despite those concerns from the production-side, as with the recent run up in iron ore prices that triggered a rally in Australian iron ore stocks, this recent bullish uranium price action has seen many ASX-listed uranium stocks surge, as investors aggressively move from trend to trend. To that end, the below table highlights some of Australia’s largest and most important uranium companies, ranked in terms of market capitalisation: Company Ticker Market Capitalisation Share Price* 1-Month Performance Paladin Energy PDN $2.73bn $1.02 +112.50% Energy Resources of Australia ERA $1.70bn $0.46 +68.52% Boss Energy BOE $683.48m $0.30 +87.50% Deep Yellow DYL $407.79m $1.20 +81.82% Bannerman Energy BMN $385.54m $0.36 +157.14% Peninsula Energy PEN $288.85m $0.30 +130.77% Lotus Resources LOT $285.09m $0.30 +100.00% Vimy Resources VMY $254.46m $0.24 +118.18% Alligator Energy AGE $219.90m $0.079 +163.33% Elevate Uranium EL8 $167.74m $0.70 +157.41% *Data correct as of 15 September, 2021. How to buy or invest in uranium stocks on the ASX You can gain exposure to ASX-listed uranium stocks two ways: either through share trading or derivatives trading. Share trading means that you take direct ownership of the stock, meaning you could potentially profit if the share price increases in value or if the company decides to pay a dividend. By comparison to owning shares outright, derivatives trading – such as CFD trading – allows you to speculate on the price movement of a company’s shares without actually taking ownership of them. CFD trading may prove attractive to some investors for a number of reasons, including the flexibility to trade stocks long and short, the ease of which it allows to hedge, as well as the ability to gain larger exposure to an asset through leverage. Follow the simple steps below to start investing or trading uranium stocks: Investing in uranium stocks Create or log in to your share trading account and go to our trading platform Search for the company you wish to invest in Select ‘buy’ in the deal ticket to open your investment position Choose the number of shares you want to buy Confirm your purchase and monitor your investment Trading uranium shares Create or log in to your trading account and go to our trading platform Decide whether CFD trading is right for you Search for the company you wish to trade Choose your position size and select ‘buy’ Confirm your trade and monitor your position Shane Walton | Financial Writer, Australia 15 September 2021
  8. Hi @Vinter, Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your suggestion to the relevant department to be reviewed. All the best - Arvin
  9. Hi @amilio, If you hold the shares before Ex-Date the dividend will be credited to your account shortly. I believe that the Melrose dividend was paid recently. You should see it in your account soon. If you need further information please reach out to helpdesk.uk@ig.com. All the best - Arvin
  10. Hi @DGil, You can delete a Watchlist you made by right clicking on it : All the best - Arvin
  11. Hi @Sev, You can email helpdesk.uk@ig.com, the helpdesk will be able to assist you with your query. On the platform itself there is no section that display this information. All the best - Arvin
  12. Hi @EddieN, You can make a request on the dedicated post : https://community.ig.com/forums/topic/16411-stock-requests/ You will need to provide us with : Name of stock Name of Stock Exchange Leverage or Share dealing Ticker Country of the stock Market Cap Could you please clarify if you wish to add TWKS on a share trading account or for leverage ? Thank you - Arvin
  13. Hi @justnathan, Unfortunately there is no such feature on the platform at the moment. I will forward your feedback to the relevant department to be reviewed. All the best - Arvin
  14. Hi DDS, If you can't cancel you order it would be best to call our helpdesk to close your order on 0800 195 3100. You can also email helpdesk.uk@ig.com. All the best - Arvin
  15. IAG's share price has dropped some 8% in the last one week. Source: Bloomberg Shares International Airlines Group Airline Market sentiment Market trend Price IAG share price closed 4% lower on Tuesday (14 September 2021) Shares fell another 1.6% on Wednesday morning to 140 pence The airline’s stock has been steadily declining since the European Union proposed to reimpose travel restrictions on the US Despite this, 21 out of 29 analysts polled continue to rate IAG a ‘buy’ Feeling bullish or bearish about IAG shares? Open an account with us to go long or short on the stock. IAG stock price drops 8% in one week Shares of International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG) fell another 4% to finish at 142.40 pence on Tuesday. The Anglo-Spanish airline holding company - which owns carriers such as British Airways, Aer Lingus, and Iberia - has seen its stock decline 8.3% in the last five trading sessions. The relentless downtrend has come amid an ongoing rout of travel stocks after European Union (EU) states said they would recommend reimposing travel restrictions on American tourists. EU governments agreed to remove the US from their safe travel list, following a surge in new Covid-19 cases. Airlines and travel firms had been calling for a full reopening of lucrative transatlantic routes. By comparison, fellow London-listed airline easyJet saw its share price plunge by over 12%, although that was also in part due to its rejection of a takeover bid by Hungarian discount carrier Wizz Air Holdings. Why are analysts still bullish about IAG? Overall, IAG shares remain in bearish territory, having lost over 13% of its market cap in the last one month alone. The latest market research shows that out of 29 analysts, 21 rated IAG shares ‘buy’, seven suggested ‘hold’, and one recommended ‘sell’. Their average 12-month target price stood at 230.53 pence per share, according to Bloomberg data. Bullish research teams with ‘buy’ or ‘overweight’ calls included Barclays with a 230p target, Liberum with a 215p target, and Credit Suisse with a 256p target. HSBC suggested ‘buy’, but cut its target to 220p, from 240p. Some research teams are seeing ‘attractive valuations’ for UK airline stocks, which had been volatile of late amid concerns of new travel curbs, Reuters reported. Credit Suisse analysts believe IAG has about four more years of cash-burn coverage and thus should not need to raise equity this year. However, IAG’s position ‘is heavily dependent on the transatlantic market fully reopening, meaning leverage may peak in late winter’, they wrote. JPMorgan maintained a long-term ‘overweight’ rating due to IAG’s ‘very low’ valuation multiples, but flagged that IAG’s recovery could be slower than expected. Thinking of trading IAG shares? Learn how you can trade IAG shares with IG. Go short and long with spread bets, CFDs and share dealing on MetalNRG and 16,000+ shares with the UK’s No.1 platform.* Learn more about trading shares with us, or open an account to get started today. * Best trading platform as awarded at the ADVFN International Financial Awards and Professional Trader Awards 2019 Kelvin Ong | Financial writer, Singapore 15 September 2021
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