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  1. I'm having trouble finding FTSE AIM stocks, (example: ODX) which I trade fine on the new web app, but doesn't show up in search on L2 Dealer? Any explanation for this?
  2. If I sign in on my phone, my web platform on Mac will sign out. Minor annoyance, but I'd really like to have my account signed in on two different laptops, and customise charts on each. Any way to do that?
  3. It's cool, but needs to be more consistent and would be better if the box had an expand option so a fully fledged level 2 would pop out. I'm still searching for a clean Mac based Level 2 platform at the moment at a decent price.
  4. On some shares I see the volume and buy and sell bids. On most I don't. Example screenshot. I'm subscribed to level 2 on the FTSE, and FTSE 100 shares show this info, though FTSE AIM shares don't. How can I get the FTSE AIM's to show this info too?
  5. Thanks Casey, but the prices definitely have been changing, just not updating. I can see that from the charts and from putting in dummy quotes. Disappointed there's no L2 data on the web platform though.
  6. Check out the differences in time between these stocks. It's always like this. Any idea why? Also I'm subscribed to Level 2, but can't see level 2 data on the new platform. Any idea how to get this. Guides I've found online don't seem to apply to my platform.
  7. Hi all, looking around for a Mac friendly way to get L2 data. Just generally want a modern feeling, fully featured place to trade out of. Does IG have L2 data on the web application? I know it has a Windows application L2 Dealer. for. download, but not interested in that. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I was with HL last year and opened another Shares ISA with them on the 6th April this year. Wasn't really happy there as they don't have a good platform with level 2 info, and want to advance a bit now I have more time at home. I have 3k cash and 10k shares, in the HL ISA at the moment. I thought opening the ISA here would bring me to an option to transfer it all over, but it seems that's not how it works. I now have 2 of these ISAs and not sure where to go from here. Should I pretend the IG one doesn't exist and just continue with the HL one for the year, or has that been ruined and I now need to use IGs? Thanks!