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  1. Thanks Arvin, I got the email but I am not sure if IG took this action as a result of a class action suit. Can you please confirm if you were sued? If so then I would like some more information on the case and the ruling so I know what I am eligible for.
  2. Has anyone else received this email? I got this email from IG today and they also refunded me some money (although its the wrong amount). Did they get sued by someone? Has anyone got any more information on this?
  3. Hi Guys This is in my ISA account. Can someone explain this please? I seem to have lost quite a lot over what exactly? Currency conversion? I should be +$21 instead I am £13 down over the two transactions. How come?
  4. Spoke to them. Because ET is an MLP there is a 37% tax.
  5. Hi Guys I got a dividend from Energy Transfer (ET) at rate of $0.305 per share. I have 441 shares. This should equate to: $134.505. IG used a currency conversion rate of: 0.81154299. Using this I should have got: £109.15658986995 Instead I received: £68.77. This is a reduction of almost 37%. On my IG statement I see this: Energy Transfer Equity LP DIVIDEND 441@0.19215 Converted at 0.81154299. Why does it say 0.19215? According to nasdaq: https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/et/dividend-history The payout was 0.305 per share. Can someone explain please where the 37% of my dividend payment has gone please?
  6. Sorry maybe my post was confusing. I was referring to filled orders i.e. I own the shares in the company now. It has grown since I bought it and I am in green. I want to add a stop so that if the price goes below a certain level it sells it. I also use etoro and they have this feature. Its stop loss feature but I can put a positive value in it to sell when my profits reach that level.
  7. Hi Guys I trade mainly in shares. I want to setup a stop loss / take profit. In other words if I bought a share for £30 and then share price went up to £35 I want to be able to set a limit so that the shares are sold if the price drops to £33. How do I do this please? I have researched online to figure this out but I am not sure. Would appreciate if someone can please clarify.
  8. Hi Guys I have some feedback and also some questions. Feedback: Can we add a feature so we can see the dividends received? What shares they were received for, when and based on what % or rate. When I log into the forum I completely lose where I was. I cant click on the back button either as I am presented with an error page. I have to navigate my way back to the page. Can we add a stop loss feature? In the new version of the platform I am unable to place any orders outside of market hours for US shares. I have to use the old platform to do so. Question: I see this issue with IBM share quite often. Please see the screenshot. Why is there such a discrepancy in the buy and sell price? As a result I cannot sell the shares.
  9. Hi Guys Bumping this thread. It seems I have no option to set stop losses in the share dealing account. Can you confirm please? If this is not there yet can someone confirm what is the plan to introduce this and when we would likely see this? Its a pretty basic feature in any trading platform I am really surprised IG does not have it.
  10. @CharlotteIG, are you able to clarify please? Same problem today. I keep getting response that my order is rejected. It wont let me buy any US shares at the moment.
  11. I can confirm I got refunded automatically yesterday. Thanks.
  12. Its just stuck. Why it doesnt get filled? I missed out on Tesla today in the pre market when it was in the 600s. Can someone kindly explain this?
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