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  1. Hi, i would like to check, of late there was request from trading services asking for document for KYC. I have given my driving licence and utility bills as a proof. unfortunately, the team (easily 4 staff) have tried to pick bones in eggs by picking up some minor word in my mailing add ress that resulted in suspension in my activities for weeks. Can i check how should i go about it as i tried my very best to cooperate and now literally i sent at least 5 emails a day to expedite their process. What more can i do?
  2. For IG platform, all indexes are futures right, are there any actual index for us to spot for play?
  3. meaning to say, if first transaction i go for "long" and i decided to keep "long" .. for second transaction i should click force open then go for "short", then i should see 2 opposite contract on my position page right?
  4. Can i ask for wall street futures, i can clock in short and long for the same time? and multiple shorts & longs?
  5. HI, can i check with you, why is futures on IG so different from those of investing.com and dow jones e mini? those 3 platforms can gave variance of 100 points. Do you have any idea?
  6. Thank you for applying for an IG account.As part of the account-opening process, we have conducted a risk review. We wanted to let you know that as a result of this review, the minimum margin rate for your shares positions will be 20%.The 20% margin rate applies only to shares and share option positions.If you have any questions, please contact us using the details below. HI, i got this msg from the admin. I just want to find out if i am keen on wall street futures, how much min amount i should place in?
  7. so when i see Jun-20 meaning this is futures expiring end of June? i can choose either buy/sell now and execute back opposite option by end of June? Does it work that way?
  8. HI thanks. Can i also know there is spot index and futures index. What is the grace period for each? say example, on futures, if i foresee Wall Street Index to go up, i will go for "long" but what is the time frame i can hold before i execute "short"option?
  9. HI, i am new here and i would like to know how futures trading platform work. Say i go for wall street futures index, when i go for oder, what is the meaning for stop normal and stop guarantee, net off and force open. For instance, i would like to buy the index at 25,000. What should i do? after i buy, how long do i have to sell it? and, when i want to sell, what should i be alert of?
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