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  1. Hi, I'm wondering what the best method of communication with IG is because I tried calling when the entire system went down last week which cost me money as it was into the days close, I spent half hour on hold on the phone and gave up. This morning another 20 minutes on hold just to ask a couple of simple questions and gave up again as no answer. So far my experience has been very bad. I'd like to know what other people do to get through to IG support when there is an issue? Any help welcome? Thanks
  2. Hi, I understand Dividends are paid out on my IG spread betting account, but: Are they paid on the ex divi date or the payment date? how will they show up in my account? under trades closed or where will I find the payment record? And lastly are they taxed before reaching my account? (I think they are but want to check)? Thanks
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