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  1. Hi all Every apple target price that I look at appears not to take account of the fact that the stock is splitting 4:1 in August 24th 2020 I can only find one post split target price of $175 by january 2021 Any suggestions regarding this ? Thanks
  2. Thank thee for thy words of wisdom and clarity. Suddenly everything be clear
  3. A bit of a crystal ball trillion dollar question, but any up to date analysis on whether the 2nd crash is actually looking likely ?
  4. Hi, how do you find ProRealTime ? You've used it's automatic trading service ?
  5. HI all I am a newbie in this World of stock trading. Other than buying a fair bit of Crypto a few years ago, I 've also bought some stock on another platform recently I am looking at buying stock in some companies which have apparently had exceptional sales this weekend . I am considering spreadbetting on this as I realise ( or believe at least ) that the returns can be much greater with SB than with buying actual shares of the stocks. But I also realise that the losses can be much greater and there is more of a chance that I will lose the entire spread I understand that generally stock prices are often lower on Mondays, or can start out low anyway. My concern would be that if the sales boost received over the weekend doesn't feed through immediately on Monday morning , then the stocks may not increase. And if a typical Monday pattern ( and general pattern currently) is followed the they could go down before they go up, and my stop loss may kick in and I lose it all. I'm not sure if an increase in sales over a weekend ( or any other day ) would trigger a rise in stock price automatically or not? And whether that would generally be instant / upon re opening or not Any suggestions ? I'm not sure whether to list the companies that I am looking at on a group chat. But you may have an idea already anyway, but I may reveal this if the conversation becomes prodictive Many thanks