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  1. Hi all Every apple target price that I look at appears not to take account of the fact that the stock is splitting 4:1 in August 24th 2020 I can only find one post split target price of $175 by january 2021 Any suggestions regarding this ? Thanks
  2. Thank thee for thy words of wisdom and clarity. Suddenly everything be clear
  3. A bit of a crystal ball trillion dollar question, but any up to date analysis on whether the 2nd crash is actually looking likely ?
  4. HI all I am a newbie in this World of stock trading. Other than buying a fair bit of Crypto a few years ago, I 've also bought some stock on another platform recently I am looking at buying stock in some companies which have apparently had exceptional sales this weekend . I am considering spreadbetting on this as I realise ( or believe at least ) that the returns can be much greater with SB than with buying actual shares of the stocks. But I also realise that the losses can be much greater and there is more of a chance that I will lose the entire spread I understand that genera
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