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  1. Or maybe the (start of the) plateau in death rates in Europe has convinced investors that the end is in sight? Today is only one datapoint, and the day is young! Wait for a trend.
  2. I 100% agree with you on the minimum bet. At £2/point you can see swings of £70/day, ideally I would like to keep these swings <1% of equity. So you need £7k equity just to trade the minimum spread bet!
  3. So, it took a bit longer than expected. But it looks like cocoa has turned the corner. If we get a close above 1770, ill be happy with how its gone.
  4. Looks like we are still scraping along the weekly pivot in the major UK and US indices. As for direction, I have no idea. Trump's tweets last night provided a lot of support, but the truth always catches up with him. Probably for another thread, but what did Trump promise to get this oil production cut? Happy Friday!
  5. Link to a news piece I really hope we haven't destroyed our economy to "save" a lot of really old people who will then all die or other causes within a few years.
  6. Down to the weekly pivot we go...... Hope that holds.
  7. I think we all know this lock down will be measured in months rather than weeks. The three weeks at the start, are just a warm up.
  8. I like these graphs, are they from the FT? Surly these graphs should be relative to population size though, else China and India are going to have a large death rate!
  9. Hands up who is keen to get the virus sooner, and get out of lockdown! Also, if you under lockdown, how are you going to get the virus? Very slowly. You might never escape!
  10. Its not the premium, as you dont actually pay/receive premium on a spreadbet. But the bid/offer can be quite wide, check the buy price now vs the price your paid. Factors that will impact your option price, other than price. Vol: If implied vol drops, you will lose PnL Time: The value of your option will decrease each day, this is most potent near expiry.
  11. If a 70 year old can actually have the virus, recover and be back to work in 7 days. Maybe the police could go visit some of our bin men/posties/tube drivers who seem to have a 30% sickness rate.....
  12. Was about to ask about CHF, those pesky Swiss!
  13. It's okey, I intend on surviving. Dying does not feature in my trading plan, and I only follow the plan!
  14. I am very much looking forward to crunching the data on this in a year or two when we have a clearer picture.
  15. FTSE bouncing off the S1, after a steady drop overnight.