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  1. Go to settings, then select API keys.
  2. The number is back calculated to minimise the risk of going bankrupt. It should ideally be calibrated to the win/loss ratio of your strategy. Risking 5%, would allow you 20 losses in a row, before wiping you out. But after 10 losses you would barely be surviving, remember once you have lost half your capital, you need a 100% return, just to break even. Basically, you want to risk a lot less than you think you should. Once you have a track record, increase it.
  3. Try using the formula differently. If you want to risk 1000, find a good stop location and then calculate the position size. So 50 point stop loss allows you to take a 20 position.
  4. Get the menu though the live account. At the top is a link to the demo account. If your just pulling data, save yourself the hassle and use a live account. Then you wont have to switch it over when you start trading.
  5. Same situation for me. Same error code, I've had to add code to wait between each call to the API.
  6. I just had exactly the same question. Cotton March contract is expiring on the 19th, but the next contract is not available.
  7. Hi, The query of open trades is returning incorrect data in the market.netChange. It should return the daily change in price in native units. Incorrect data underlined. Query: https://demo-api.ig.com/gateway/deal/positions market.instrumentName market.expiry market.epic market.instrumentType market.lotSize market.high market.low market.percentageChange market.netChange market.bid market.offer market.updateTime market.updateTimeUT
  8. Do the accounts have different position size? The average price to close a large position will be higher if it needs more bids to get the volume.
  9. Check out pro-realtime, you can backtest any trading strategy that you can express explicitly in code.
  10. What time frame are you using? Daily data is available via the API for about 5 years. More granular data is available for about a year. You can look at quandl, they have lots of data.
  11. This is not an IG specific problem, you could go to any bank and ask them to price an option like this. They delta hedge, then offset the Vega on longer dated options against the nearest liquid contract.
  12. Hi, Get the price history. This will give you the candle opening bid/ask, then find the mid point. 'https://api.ig.com/gateway/deal/prices/'+epic+'?resolution='+freq+'&from='+d1+'&to='+d2+'&pageSize='+str(5000) You need to add epic, freq, d1, d2
  13. You can get that data from the API, if you can code? Its under "/positions" and you can calculate todays PnL by market.netChange * positions.size. You might need to make a correction for long/short.
  14. Do you mean pip as in 0.0001%? Silver price = $23.90, 1 pip=$0.002390 Or do you mean 1 point on IG? Silver price 2390, 1 point = $0.01
  15. Congratulations. Could it be luck? Possibly, how many trades did you take? If you can sustain this PnL over 20/50/100 trades you are golden. Also, be very very careful about your potential loss as a percentage of your capital. If you had lost £500 this month, you would need a 100% return, just to get back to your starting point. Aim for 2% capital risk per trade as a rule of thumb. (There is plenty of research material on this subject).
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