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    Bit of a pull back today, RSI cooled off a little and 20/50/100 MAs are still bullish
  2. There seems to be a correction in Brent oil every 10-14 days since the April lows, occasionally prefaced with a smaller drop and bounce. Is this just another correction before next leg higher or are we gonna see a narrower range traded here for a while til the second wave of Rona sorts herself out?
  3. Hi to whoever reads this. Been buying vanilla blue chips for approx. 10 years, trying to compound those dividends. Finally decided to take a look at spreadbetting to try and add a bit of jet fuel to my PF. Trying out the demo account to get the hang of it and my first question is DFBs vs quarterly - am I right in thinking that the cost crossover between the two occurs at around the 15 day mark? Basically if you're planning on holding for less that 15 days go with a DFB? Thanks in advance
  4. bigstones


    Copper is on quite the run
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