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  1. Yes. Did you have a chance to read it? Unfortunately is focused on US shares markets only... on which I do not trade, as I focus mainly on Forex and Commodities.
  2. Thanks for all contributions on that topic. I am also not reading any magazine right now and spending all my evening time in updating my analysis and price patterns (I am a part-time trader). But I wanted to check with other fellow traders if this is also what they do. The only magazine I really liked is the IBD - but it does not fit with my trading style (I am a scalper, therefore short terms price action is really everything for me....). Regards, Gaby
  3. Fellow Traders, I have a question for you: do you read any trading magazines ? If yes, which ones are your favorites? Bye, Gaby
  4. Hi there. In my first year I lost money; a genuine massacre. But I did not give-up, as I am quite resilient and kept going in trading and losing money again and again in the second and the third year. Until the forth year, where I reached the break-even. Now I am constantly and largely profitable, quarter after quarter, since last 4 years. I learnt how to trade the hard way. It is quite a common path, I discovered later reading the Market Wizards - a book I suggest you read - a collection of interviews done by Jack Schwager to a group of worldwide top traders. So funny to discover I
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