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  1. Can someone please explain to me the pros/cons of settings the size currency to USD or GBP. I can’t see any obvious reason.
  2. My bank card is GBP but the app shows USD. I spent DAYS with several back and forth messages with IG support but they just responded with garbage answers so trying a public route this time.. see attached image. You have a fault with your app!
  3. What exchange rate do you use to calculate positions on US assets when the spreadbet account is GBP?
  4. I have a USD spreadbet account but I notice that the minimum position is still calculated as 0.50 GBP. If I trade a US asset such as the NASDAQ, are all the calculations first converted to GBP?
  5. I have a GBP spreadbet account, if I open a position on NASDAQ which is a USD asset, is my money converted to USD and are all the calculations on how much equity and margin I have all done against the last exchange rate GBPUSD?
  6. Also to note that had you drawndown 50% of your margin, your size would have started to be reduced. So although they say your margin factor is 5%, below 2.5% you would have seen your size being reduced.
  7. Can you please support fractional shares in your spread betting. For example, instead of 0.01, the equivalent of 1 share, have 0.0133, equivalent of 1.33 shares. The difference in profit on compounding is magnified at no real effort to IG other than allowing 4 decimal places in spread betting. You will also be the first in the market to introduce this! Thanks
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