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  1. I know that you can buy on CFD, but the fees are horrendous. I cant complain though, i doubled my money from Dec 20 to Jan 21, however I want to double my money now without horrendous fees 😄
  2. Hi, I use the Australian IG account, and I was wondering why the US Bitcoin ETF, BITO, is not listed and cannot be bought? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am launching my tax return that is due end of October here in Australia, and I realize that my profits from stock trading are not pre-filled automatically in the tax return as I know it with other share trading platforms. Does IG not report to the ATO automatically when I sell stocks? I thought they would have to do so, why cant i see anything?
  4. Does anyone in Australia ever generated an API key?
  5. Hi, I want to generate API keys "My Account > Settings > API Keys" but this option is missing maybe for Australian accounts as you see in the attached screenshot?
  6. Yeah where is the "market order" option for the "order type" field gone as shown in the video?
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