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  1. Hey everyone new trader here. just started 2 weeks ago. Just wanted to share what we have seen of the virus in the US. I live in Texas but travel frequently across the states. I still have refused to wear a mask (except when on the plane. Dumbest rule ever.) But hospitals are not being over run, there isnt a pandemic. This is one of the largest worldwide political scams in history. I hope everyone across the world fights for the rights and freedoms of the individuals not the systems and corporations that lie and want to regulate us. The saying "BUILD BACK BETTER" is seen almost in every country by certain political parties. That should be a warning to everyone. They have torn down the economies of every country and most if not all small businesses have gone out of business. This is the greatest transfer of wealth from the everyday working civilian to the large corporate machines that destroy everything and everyone in their path since Franklin Roosevelt convinced (forced) americans to give up their gold and silver for paper.... As far as trading im a newbie. I have no advice . Eyes and ears open ready to learn.