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  1. totally agree, can understand they want to cover themselves, but not allowing open new position but only sell is aimed to drive the stock prices, rip off their users, and save the hedge funds. it's criminal
  2. also the huge loss they caused to their customers by imposing these unlawful restrictions to drive stock price down and forcing small individuals to sell at loss, in order to help these WS hedge funds
  3. would be helpful if you could share the complain letter as model, so we can all follow too, thanks
  4. we definitively should take them to the FCA!
  5. this makes me want to HOLD those stocks, hopefully they can't force people to sell.... yet
  6. we should all ask ig to compensate our loss because of their unilateral unlawful restriction
  7. Noticed the same problem too, profit in $ turns to be loss in GBP in my balance sheet, painful....
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