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  1. Hi All, My phone with my microsoft 2fa authenticator for IG was stolen last night, unfortunately. I have now blocked my other phone and set the new phone/SIM in a new phone but cannot access my IG account as 2FA was set up in the other phone.. How can I retrieve my microsoft 2FA authenticator for IG in my new device? Is removing the existing 2FA the only way? I find this ridiculous as it is exactly when your phone is stolen you need extra protection and I am hoping there is a way to do this without first removing my existing 2FA and then setting it back again. Any support would be much appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone, I am planning to transfer my HSBC ISA holdings to IG as it offers more options and fees are better. That said, I have never done it before, so just wanted to hear your insights if someone has already made an ISA transfer to IG? Have you encountered any difficulty or any major issues? Anything you would recommend me to do/check before pressing the button? Many thanks in advance!
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