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  1. Why are your June No Lead Gasoline futures, with an expiry of 30-May, shown as "Closing only: contract due to expire" but your May No Lead Gasoline, expiring 29-Apr, shown as tradable? Your futures desk really ought to be on top of this, it makes it extremely difficult to trade futures when you only put the near term futures up to trade and then over-write with the next roll. It's not the first time I've seen this happen. Ideally, you should be showing at least the next 3 contracts.
  2. For a while, whilst trading in my CFD account, IG was showing the estimated total daily running cost before I entered a trade. Whilst it still shows approx opening/closing cost (namely the spread between bid/offer), for the last couple of weeks, I only see nil for total daily running costs. Is anyone else able to see the total estimated running costs? I found it very helpful, even if only an estimate, as some instruments can have a very high cost of carry each day, which could be enough for me to decide to trade the instrument or not. If IG Helpdesk could look into this, it would be extremely helpful. Thank you
  3. 👆 Having deleted and reset the alert, it appears to be working now.
  4. Yes, they do appear to be back. However, I have noticed one instance where the price went through an alert I had set for Aluminium (sell price reaches 2244) and it did not trigger. I will delete the alert and reset to see if that cures the problem.
  5. Same with me. Happening since last night. Can I have an update please or can something be posted on the IG status page?
  6. @MongiIG Is there any update on the Twitter API connection issue? It has been several months this has not been available. Not great PR for IG! At the very least a notification should be sent stating why it has occurred and when the likely fix will be. Yet, even in your status page, it reports that everything is fine!
  7. @MongiIG can you advise of a way to replicate the news feed that you previously supplied within IG? In fact, I'm happy to not have the Bloomberg news feed as clicking on that was a waste of time as they require a subscription. However, I found the Reuters news, in particular, to be very useful. I have a twitter account, can I simply recreate what you had in that? @iom120000 thanks for your reply, but just opening twitter in a sidebar is only helpful if I know how to access the same news feeds and refresh them automatically - if you can give me some idea of how to start it, I'll give it a go! For instance, how would I replicate the Reuters news feeds that IG were providing?
  8. @OfentseIG, as this feed has disappeared without reason (is it true that Twitter are asking for payment?), please can you advise how we may recreate a similar feed within our own Twitter accounts?
  9. IG, as this feed has disappeared without reason (is it true that Twitter are asking for payment?), please can you advise how we may recreate a similar feed within our own Twitter accounts?
  10. In light of the fact that we've lost the Twitter news feed on the IG trading platform (for now), perhaps everyone can post below their favourite twitter news feed? Please specify the area of trading it relates to and the name of the twitter handle. I will start the ball rolling: OIL/ENERGY - #OOTT At least we can open a separate screen to have these available for access. If anyone knows of a way of making them into a feed rather than having to refresh the twitter page, I'm all ears!!
  11. @MongiIG ...but the IG Status page currently reports everything as operational, including APIs!!
  12. @MongiIG Can you direct me to a page where connection/operating issues are published so that I can check there in future?
  13. It would happen when markets are at there most volatile and prompt news feeds are useful, without having to leave the trading screen!
  14. The feed is still not working today. Can you give some indication as to when it will be fixed please?
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