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  1. Ok, I'm sorry, it seems to be my fault. I thought the horizontal line for measuring has magnetically gripped the lower end of the candle, but it has not. Can you tell me how to activate magnetic gripping? I badly miss it I can remember some time back one could switch it on and off in preferences but it is not there anymore.
  2. Hello, I wonder how it could be that the daily minimum is higher than the 15 min minimum? e.g. the platform shows the daily minimum bitcoin price on 23 may at about 66284 USD. the 15 min minimum is about 66272 USD
  3. Hi, I have got 188€ in my Turbo24 account (after switching to it I see 188€) but in german: "Kapital tranferieren" the balance is shown as 0. If I anyway try it shows error message about not having enough balance Today and already yesterday. Updating Chrome or logout/login etc. does not help
  4. Thanks very much for the adjustment. But in the daily timeframe (and larger) we have still the old prices.
  5. The prices before yesterday are the old ones and since yesterday the new ones. How could you do chart analysis this way?
  6. Thanks very much for fixing this a while ago shortly after i posted this. But unfortunately for about two weeks this behaviour exists again. Exactly the same as it was formerly. Please fix it again because it slows down trading ... Buttons and other gui directly below pay in button do not react. But only if Chrome is maximized!
  7. The text in the red boxes is meant. It had once been very clear.
  8. Hi IG, for a few days now the numbers in the open position boxes inside the charts are badly blurred. Switching zoom does not help and it is so in normal and maximized browser and/or chart window. It is so blurred that ot is nearly impossible to see the win or loss. Strange is you move the chart up and down and in certain positions the number will get clear. Sometimes parts of the chart is flickering from bright to dark all the time. My display is standard 1920 x 1080p and has surely no issue. I would very much appreciate if you fix this bug. Thomas
  9. Hi, I generally love the IG charts provided by the web platform but the bitcoin chart is useless for trading purposes. The chart is distorted because of the maintenance gap from friday 23:00 to saturday 9:00 (here in germany) It just leaves out these 10 hours time and instead makes a jump. Thus the trendlines (and other shapes) are sometimes completely incorrect. They would be no basis for setting orders at the right places. For me the only solution is using Tradingview for making all the chart analysis. So I note down the price and then place an order in IG But this is not a good way of trading and I am considering to switch to a different broker. Ideal would be a continous chart but that is not possible for obvious reasons. I do not have a good idea for fixing this.. For me real gaps (like in the Iron Ore chart) would be much better. Because fter copy pasting them from TradingView they will project correctly in coming times. Or maybe fill the gaps with prices from binance? I dont know
  10. Please give me explanation for this. I have logged out and in again to avoid refreshing issue. But the sum is as the picture shows ??
  11. Hi, there is an area below the pay in ("Einzahlen" in german version) - button where the GUI does not react. The window directly below this pay button does not take mouse input. Very annoying... This happens only if the browser window is maximized.
  12. The alert dialog in the top right corner is NOT DISPLAYING ! But in the alerts list it is displayed as triggered. This is a bug
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