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  1. Really? That's interesting. I've just tried using Edge and Google on a different machine to the one i normally use (I use a Mac normally) and i still can't show my ISA and Spread Bet dashboards at the same time. Just to be clear, both my ISA and Spread Bet account are under the same IG account, so same user name and password. Is that the same for you eastside?
  2. Doesn't work I'm afraid. If I open another instance of the same browser the two pages always show the same account. If i open in another browser altogether I get logged out of the account in my first browser.
  3. Is there a way I can have my share trading account dashboard open on one tab of my browser and my spread bet account dashboard open on another tab? When i try to do this the account i switch to on the 2nd tab updates the account on the first tab. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was actually trading using DMA on the Level 2 app and attempting to get a price nearer the sell price than the buy price due to the large spread on this particular share. There are different order options in DMA so was checking if there were any that would allow me to place a Limit order which would only execute if it could be completely filled.
  5. I attempted to buy 1,500 shares using a DMA Limit order at price less than the current offer price to reduce the spread. I set the order to expire at close of day. The order was partially filled and I ended up with just 109 shares. I would rather the order was either completely filled or rejected. Is there a way I could have done this?
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