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  1. Hi. I'm using DailyFX IG sentiment strategy as part of my trade analysis and have noticed it's only giving mixed signals since early Monday morning as opposed to the usual bearish, bullish or mixed signals. Is this a problem from my end or is IG having issues from your end. Regards
  2. Holy smoke. I only signed up with IG two weeks ago as i was told they had a good reputation and now this. Is it possible they have liquidity issues as i am in no ways cash rich and need to protect my trading funds?
  3. Really disappointing this. That's 3 days running for me ive had issues at the open of the US markets on high volumes. Was unable to put on a trade for cable at 2:40pm. System didn't reboot until 3:10 and id missed my entry.
  4. It's been 6 days since i sent in my account verification documents and despite 3 phone calls and 2 emails i still can't get an answer as to when i can deposit funds to trade. A member of your support team told me they would ring me back today but failed to return my call. Really disappointing customer service tbh as i have been demo trading an account for 5 months now and had hoped to begin live trading on Monday of this week. If you could please contact me as i am considering signing up with another broker if i can not get this issue resolved asap. Regards, Jonathan
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