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  1. Do I just use that email to report this ongoing issue or should I contact IG via this forum? My alerts set before the issue occurred are coming through, I just can't set any new ones,
  2. I tried a different browser, same problem. I'm on the website, not an app (have checked the app and the problem's the same there). I emailed the screen to the helpdesk as spoke to someon on the freephone number this morning. I haven't yet hd a response.
  3. It's happening again. It started yesterday, 13/9 at about 5pm. 'Unexpected error' with freephone number given. Browser refreshed. I'm on the website, not using a mobile phone app.
  4. An 'unexpected error' message and freephone number comes up when I try to set an alert. The problem started at about 5pm today, 13/9.
  5. Hi, My alerts are not working today, 1/9/21. They have been fine in the last week.
  6. When will they be working regularly again? There's an 'unexpected error' message that pops up every time I try to set one, in the past week.
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