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  1. This is not useful for the question, or indeed for any purpose seemingly. You cannot buy ETF's - any ETF - and I've tried dozens just to be sure - in an ISA account unless you're a professional investor.
  2. No, not unless you're a 'professional investor' fml.
  3. I think I've answered my own question at this point. It does not seem possible to transfer an Open Position from Share Dealing Account to ISA currently. Add that one to the wishlist IG.
  4. Can anyone advise if this is an instant process or takes time? Presumably you can transfer open positions also?
  5. Sounds like we have an identical problem. I did raise an official complaint yesterday with IG, finger’s crossed it helps. What you say is exactly right, the lack of attention to a genuine and ongoing concern is far from confidence inspiring.
  6. Does anyone have direct contact details for the IG ISA transfer team? I have an outstanding ISA transfer into IG from NS&I, this was requested 6-weeks ago. On the 25/02 my NS&I account was closed and funds were transferred to IG via a cross warrant in the post. I have confirmation of this transfer from NS&I but it was never received by IG. I have emailed queries to transfers@ig.com on the 2nd March, 10th, 11th and 16th of March as well as having numerous telephone conversations with helpdesk and support. I have explained in fine detail that the transfer was sent in the post and has either been lost in the post or physically lost within IG. The replies I have received have amounted to "we haven't recieved it". Stating the obvious, I know! As of last week, NS&i told me the cheque/cross-warrant had not been cashed. But they must receive a re-request, cancellation or other queries on it directly from IG. IG need to take action here. As a customer I am completely powerless in this.
  7. Complex instruments - same question within share dealing account. How does one authorise this?
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