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  1. Hi there. Anyone out there trading volatility Indexes? Such as the VIX or the V2TX? Would love to know if there are others trading these as there's not much conversation regarding these instruments out there......
  2. Does anyone else find that the analytic tool is totally incorrect? It shows that I have paid £900 in overnight funding which I have not. The number of trades in profit is also incorrect. It shows that I had 11 closed trades on the 26th which is false. What is the point in giving these stats if they are totally incorrect?
  3. Thanks for your help. In essence it's a trade off between no overnight funding and having your position closed prematurely. Glad this is clarified now.
  4. Do you lose on your trade even if it set to rollover?
  5. Thanks I am aware of this. But you lose on your trade if it's in the red on expiry? Is that correct?
  6. Thanks. So there's absolutely no benefit in trading futures contracts then? I thought I might save some money on overnight funding over the longer term?
  7. Hi. Could anyone clarify what happens to open futures positions when they reach their expiry date? If I have a position that is in loss and it is set to rollover what happens to this contract? Does it close out at a loss on the expiry date?
  8. Thanks Arvin. I did try this but it seemed to make matters worse. I'll give it another go. Jason.
  9. Over the last couple of months I have noticed that when you switch between the tabs in the IG platform the charts reset to a default display. I then have to re-adjust them everytime I click on the tab. For example, If I'm viewing the DOW chart and then switch to the FTSE tab, the FTSE chart isn't how I left it. This never used to be the case and is very annoying. Can anyone help me with this?
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