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  1. Thank you fro the reply. I expected as much as it just doesn't seem to be possible with the supported order types from IG. Do you know of a CFD broker that does support ASX pre and post market auctions? Thanks again
  2. Hi, I'm new to IG and CFDs and have the same issue, both for opening and closing auctions. I have tried stop and limit orders with various combinations of stop and limit level settings without success. IG tech support seems to think it might be a limitation of demo accounts? Have you been able to get your orders to fill?
  3. Hi There, I'm new to the forum and posted a question on Tuesday March 23 at 23:18. I understand as a new member that my posts need to be moderated before they are published, but is there something else that I need to do please?
  4. Hi there, I'm new to IG and CFD trading. Something that is not clear to me is when ASX CFD orders can be submitted and filled, Noting ASX Equity market phases (https://www2.asx.com.au/markets/market-resources/trading-hours-calendar/cash-market-trading-hours) I would like to place orders during the Pre-open (7am - 10am) to participate in the opening price auction (10am), as well as submit orders during the Pre CSPA (4pm - 4:10pm) to participate in the Closing Single Price Auction (CSPA 4:10pm). The only timing information I could find on the IG website states "Australia: 10.00-16.00" ht
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