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  1. @Courage Thanks for that input, I am following this one. Being a newbie what news days and countries are best to look out for and what days are the big mover news days. Thanks
  2. thankyou for this question and great replies
  3. 1 contract = say 110jpy yen or $1.00 USD, A pip is just the tiny movement. So if you have 1contract valued at $1.oo USD and it move one tiny pip that is one movement you ave earned $1.00 USD. If you have 20.00 contract that is $20.00USD when it moves 1 pip or a teensy tic So If your trade moves 10 pips you have earned 200.00USD pip versus point?? Depends on how many numbers are after decimal point. Anyway hope thos pips of info help. It is hard
  4. I called them just uesterday to clarify similar. That negative is the what the broker takes first based on the spread. So the larger the spread the longer it will be in the negative. Choose pairs that have 1 or less spread then it is negative for just 1 or 2 pips. It Is the broker taking what is owed that is all. Hope that makes sense
  5. That is a great reply. I am a scalper successful in demo BUT I only take about 20 pips or 30pips adjusted. Would that be enough for slippage? Apologies for not replying sooner. Just doing a 1:1 risk at moment. Trading mostly USD/JPY. Any other tips would be great. I just use 2 indicators and trading the 1minute chart
  6. Thankyou so much. How is your trading going? Anymore hints to help this problem?
  7. Are the charts in realtime for demo accounts? Or do we have to enable pro realtime? Thanks
  8. I am a newbie on this platform. How do I change the settings to AUD instead of English pounds. Thankyou
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