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  1. Hi guys, I reinstall in a clean venv on Pycharm and ...... IT WORKS!
  2. I tried to modify the trading_ig_config.py, and I have the same message: usually I wouldn't have been able to connect ! But it was OK ! So, I think I don't modify the good file (but I don't find other file in my laptop). I think it could be a problem with my venv in pycharm. Can you help to make a Clean install in order to test it again ? Thank you for your help
  3. Hello, I tried to modify the epic (CFD or Spreadbet), and it didn't work I don't know if it could help, but there are some infos on my config: MacBook Air M2, IDE PyCHarm CE. Tell me if you need more infos 👍
  4. I checked, this is the good account number.
  5. @KoketsoIG, It works perfectly with streaming companion
  6. Thank you for your answer I check, it's a CFD account
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new in the "dev world" , and I'm working on building my own app n python. For the Rest API, it's OK, I can log and make what I want. BUT, for the streaming part, I'm completely in the fog! lol I downloaded the excellent "trading-ig" python module (thanks to the devs that made it 👌) but I can't stream epic price. Here the code I use: and here the error message: Maybe it's a little error in the code, but I can't find it ! FYI, I tried with spreadbet and cfd epic (but my demo account is a CFD account). Thank you for your kind answer ps: if you have some advice in coding, I take it
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