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  1. Thank you for your response. Although things are hardly ever available to sell to order on CFDs...
  2. Hi there, When trying to short something by clicking 'sell' in Share Dealing, I get the message that I "have no existing position to close on this market"... but I'm wanting to sell to open a position. What am I missing? Thanks, Tom
  3. Hi there, This white dotted line is my VWAP indicator on a 1 minute chart: It's at $45.50, whereas on TradingView and ToS, it's the blue line, at $45.60: This isn't happening on everything, but every now and then, this one is AMC. Please could you take a look? Cheers, Tom
  4. Found I can use the trend line, just annoying it stretches across everything...!
  5. Hi Anda, But SuperTrend isn't the same thing. If I use a channel on a 4 hour, for example. like so: It adapts to the same price points when dropping time frames: Is there not a line that can behave like this? I suppose being attached to the price action, rather than stretched between two points in time? Cheers, Tom
  6. Hi there, Wondered if anyone could troubleshoot this or let me know if I'm doing something wrong? Point to point lines don't seem to adjust when I drop the time frame. For example, I have one showing a breach with the daily candles: But dropping to hourly candles, it's nowhere near: Surely these should adjust like the channels do, or am I missing something, using the wrong tool? Thanks for any help, Tom
  7. Hi there, Since Friday, on US stocks that trade NY time only e.g. Tilray, Microvision, the 1 min chart is no longer available, the candles and date at the bottom stop at the end of Friday. The daily chart still shows today, but any more granular and the horizontal line that denotes the price is still there, but it's not creating candles and the dates between Friday and tomorrow are cut out. Is this a known issue and is it being fixed? Many thanks, Tom
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