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The new IG Community forum is live



A trading forum and help and support network for IG clients

Over the last few months we have been working on a new layout for your Community, as well as adding greater functionality and new content areas. Today is the 'go live' date and we hope you like what you see. Have a browse, and if you have any feedback or suggestions please add a comment below. Maybe take this opportunity to make your first Community post if you haven't already?

This purpose of this forum is for like-minded clients to share trade ideas and discuss market opportunities, ask questions, and provide help and support to others.

  • Learn strategies and trade ideas from experienced traders
  • Give tips to the Community and share your market knowledge
  • Perfect your trading by discussing ideas with others
  • Get the most out of IG and ask the Community anything regarding trading or IG

Anyone can browse the trading forum, but you will need a live IG account to post or interact on Community. If you're new to Community and looking for a first step maybe check out the forum, or have a once over of our Community tutorials. We're also curious for any feedback you may have, so add a comment below to have your voice heard. We're always looking to improve our offering based on what traders want - so let us know!

We migrated the old forum (and added some new features)

We have migrated over all the posts, likes, 'kudos' and private messages from the previous version of the forum, as well as integrated the Community login with the wider IG eco system so you can enjoy a seamless digital experience between the platform and forum. You should be able to see all your previously posted content under the same Community username as you currently use. 

New content areas...

  • Blogs: We have three blogs which we will be updated periodically. 
    • Market News - Daily morning briefings, index dividend adjustments, and one off articles
    • IG Product Updates - A place to let you know about all the things we roll out
    • IG Community Blog - Competitions, 'Ask the Expert' series, and Community updates
  • Calendar: A way for discussion to be relevant and anchored to a specific date / time / macro event
  • Our Picks: A hand picked showcase of the best IG Community has to offer. If individual client forum posts or comments get a significant number of upvotes then they may also be featured
  • More to be rolled out shortly!

...and a few new features.

  • Activity streams: If you're logged in you'll notice you can easily browse things such as 'unread' or 'followed' content. You can save individual search streams so they're available for the next time you log in 
  • Advanced search: An updated and intuitive search functionality
  • Leaderboard: The Leaderboard keeps track of the hottest content and best users each day based on reputation received. You'll increase your chances of getting on here if you post more, receive more likes, and help others
  • Community Profile: Your space in Community. Check yours out by clicking on your username in the top right hand corner

Access IG Community - anytime, anywhere

IG Community will be up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The easiest way to access IG Community is using the top right hand 'Help' drop down in the dealing platform, but you can also access via our mobile apps (look under the help and support section - try it now), or by simply going to community.ig.com


This initial rollout is only phase one of 'the big Community plan', and we'd love to hear your feedback. What do you like? What would you change if you had the chance? What new areas would you like to see? Let us know using the comments section below. 

Happy chatting
IG Community Moderator Team


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Love the ‘fluid view’ in the forum section. Easy to pick the things you’re interested it, omit the stuff you’re not keen on, and sort in chronological order so you’re always pushed the lasted most important content. Good one! 

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